Interested in joining the Nebraska writers here at GO BIG READ?

Great! I would love that! But first, I want to make sure that this site is a good fit for you and your book(s). I do have a few requirements a writer must meet before he or she can participate, so be sure you can say “Yes” to the items below before choosing to register as a GO BIG READ writer.

I am a Nebraska indie author who is 18 years or older, and have published my books either by myself or with a small independent publisher.

My book or books are available to purchase from Amazon and at least one other source. (That source may be the author’s or publisher’s website.)

I am willing to provide a minimum of 10 free review copies of each book I am marketing, either using the BookFunnel landing pages OR providing readers a complimentary print copy.

If using BookFunnel, I have the necessary and legal rights to set up my book(s) at BookFunnel.

I can provide a photo of myself, a scan of each book cover, and a book mock-up for each book (jpeg format) for use on the site. (I checked out the photos on the “Our GO BIG READ Books” and “Our GO BIG READ Writers” so I understand exactly what those should look like.)

I can complete the author packet that includes a short author biography plus a longer “first person” interview. (I have downloaded the author packet below, and I understand exactly what I need to provide to Nancy before my information can become “live” on the website.)