Bonnie Lacy

I call Osceola, Nebraska, home, and it has become the setting for some of my stories. But, when people ask me where the cave is in one of my books, I have to admit to them that I made it up!

I have, stuffed in plastic totes, under beds, and on bookshelves, over fifty journals of every kind: spiral notebooks–left by my kids, yellow legal pads, beautiful jeweled books that I destroy when I scribble in them. As I journaled about life, I realized that some of those entries would make a good story. And when I wrote several stories, I realized that many fit together into a novel. That’s when I realized I might be a writer.

But there is much to learn in this writing and publishing industry.

For example, how to set goals and what works best for me. I like technology and have used several digital apps on my phone, but I always come back to … wait for it … paper. A calendar. A notebook I keep in my purse. Don’t get me wrong, I am an independent author. That means I do everything myself. I hire an editor and book cover designer, but everything else, I have learned to do, after hours and hours with Google. (We are now close friends!) But also, because I am an independent, or indie, I have learned how to format a book, how to upload to places like Amazon or Publish Drive. But when daughter births her fifth child, goals sometimes get pushed to the bottom of the list—not even to the back burner.

Many other things can happen to an author. Rejection–from agents or publishers. Or readers. Writer’s block is another subject brought up on social media and conferences. Finding ways to handle disappointment and frustration can be hard, but I have found that, for me, it helps to just keep writing. One more rejection? Keep on writing. I don’t seem to have writer’s block when I get back to writing. Doodling helps me to loosen things up, too. Primes the writing pump, so to speak, and releases creativity.

Dark chocolate M&M’s help, too!

After spending many hours alone at my desk, writing, I love to meet and interact with readers—not only my readers, but all readers. I pelt them with questions: “What genre do you read? Are you a writer? Where do you live? What do you do for a living?” Great fun when God opens things up. Maybe that person needed to talk. Or needed encouragement—as a writer, but as a person. More fun when you find out that the person they describe as the one friend who listens to their heart, is your favorite person, as well.

As we visit, the best thing I like to tell people is never give up. In fact, my hashtag on Instagram is #nevernevernevergiveup! I’m not the best writer out there, but I haven’t given up and don’t plan to!

Be blessed!

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Rage Rising

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