CLASS PICTURES by Karla Wendelin

After this year, Mr. Beck’s class will no longer be together. Their school is closing. Meet Candace, Jack, Tiffani, Luis, and the rest of the students before they head off to different schools.

“With well-known chosen details and skillfully executed free verse, Karla Wendelin brings a classroom of kids to life, each one an individual with his or her own unique personality and talents. I feel like I know these kids!”
Carla Ketner
Chapters Books and Gifts, Seward, Nebraska

“Poetry about a class written with class! The carefully crafted poems allow us the opportunity to get to know all of the students. Dr. Karla Wendelin has created a visual image of each member of this class. Their personalities pop off the page and every teacher will see the faces of their own students in their mind’s eye. The style of the poems, as well as the phrases, beg to be writing prompts. Think of how many poems will be written by children after they read about the students in this class!”
Mary Reiman
Director, Library Media Services
Lincoln Public Schools

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