It all began with a conversation with a Nebraska reader . . .

As a Nebraska writer, I know that my biggest cheerleaders are Nebraska readers. But I also recognize that one of my biggest challenges is getting the word out to Nebraska readers that I do, in fact, live and write in Nebraska.

Nebraska author N. L. Sharp

Even though I’ve had 2 titles on Nebraska’s Golden Sower reading list (Today I’m Going Fishing with My Dad and Effie’s Image) and several of the books that I have written and / or published under my Prairieland Press imprint have received awards in the Nebraska Center for the Book Awards’ Program (The Flower Girl, The Ring Bear: A Flip-Over Book, Keeping Captain, The Ghost Juggler, and George and the Stolen Sunny Spot), I know that there are still a lot of readers in Nebraska who have no idea who I am or that I live, write, and publish books in Nebraska.

And, as I travel the state and visit with other Nebraska authors, it is painfully obvious that I am not alone in this dilemma. Because many authors (by nature) are more introverts than extroverts and because we would rather bury our heads and hearts in the next book we are writing, rather than talk about the last few books we wrote and published, getting the word out about our published books isn’t as easy as readers may think.

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Therefore, I have decided to make it my mission to find a way to connect Nebraska writers with Nebraska readers. Curious about how I’m going to do this? Check out my FAQ Pages for more information!