N.L Sharp

I’ve known since the second grade that I wanted to be an author when I grew up. That was the year my teacher read the book The Little House on the Prairie to us and I realized that anyone (even a girl from South Dakota or Nebraska) could grow up to be an author. All I had to do was write about myself and my family and I could be an author. So I began writing “Nancy” stories in the second grade, and I’ve been writing them ever since.

All of the books I’ve written thus far are realistic fiction, loosely based on true events from my life or the lives of people I know. For example, Today I’m Going Fishing with My Dad is based on the combined memories of going fishing with my dad and my grandfather (both of whom worked at the Valentine Fish Hatchery), plus taking my own sons fishing at the State Lakes in Fremont. The Ring Bear book got its start from an overheard conversation at a baseball game, while The Flower Girl made her appearance during a dress fitting for my nieces’ wedding.

Keeping Captain is drawn from the memory of moving from Valentine to Ponca the summer of my sixth grade year, when my parents had to make the difficult choice to sell my horse, Fury, at our farm sale. Miracles in the Snow, which was illustrated by my sister, Corliss, and contains an introductory poem by my sister Charliss, details an experience our father had while working as a ranch hand in the Sandhills between Valentine and Springview.

Besides being an author and a publisher (I am the owner and publisher of Prairieland Press), I am a retired teacher and an educational writing consultant. There is nothing I love more than talking with writers about the craft of writing and studying the work of other authors, trying to develop and build on my own writing skills. If I could give one piece of advice to aspiring writers it would be to always keep your eyes and ears open—there are stories hiding everywhere!

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Today I’m Going Fishing with My Dad
The Ring Bear
The Ring Bear
Hoy voy de pesca con mi papa book mockup
Hoy voy de pesca con mi papa
The Flower Girl
Keeping Captain
Miracles in the Snow