RAGE RISING by Bonnie Lacy

I had totally closed myself off from other people—my family, my friends. I knew I had stacked up every brick, slathered on the mortar of anger, to keep this wall up. I also knew that each brick had to be taken down, and it would be painful.

I am going to be BRUTAL, but in the scheme of things, would I have played it any differently if I had had another chance? Would I have learned my “lesson?”

I don’t think I knew who I was without anger. It had become such a part of me that I didn’t realize it had infested my bones, my peace, my health, the very depths of who I was. After breaking up with Anger, I had to discover me.

And to be honest, I go back into that awful tunnel—not because I want to—but because it’s home. I have to learn to take a different path.

This is one woman’s story of her walk through that dark tunnel of anger.

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